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We are now open for Ayurvedic Consultations only. We can take bookings for massage treatments starting from 13th of July.

To read about Ayurveda treatments and massages click here


When booking consultation you will be required to complete online and submit the AyurcareUK Pre-appointment Questionnaire Form before coming in. You will not be accepted into the clinic without having competed the above online form.

Please refrain from visiting the clinic if:
– You or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or a communicable illness.
– You are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.
Do NOT come to the clinic if you are feeling unwell or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, including:
– A persistent, dry cough
– Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
– A fever of 100.4° or higher
– Chills
– Muscle pain
– Sore throat
– New loss of taste or smell
Please respect the sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the studio and shared by employees.

– No-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours before appointments will incur charges so please ensure that you are happy with our Cancellation Policy;
– If you are currently experiencing ANY of the following please advise us prior to booking as it may affect your ability to receive the selected treatment:
Infectious skin condition or skin condition with itching, oozing, redness or hives; scalp infection/dandruff; open cut or wound; severe bruising; high temperature or fever; cold or flu virus/cough; auto-immune disorder; diabetes (Type 1); severe circulatory disorder; heart condition; epilepsy; thrombosis or embolism; recent injury/surgery; recent scar tissue; pregnancy or suspected pregnancy.